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Cienciambiental is a company dedicated to providing advice aimed at supporting environmental management through the study, analysis and understanding of ecological phenomena and their spatial manifestations, preparing and delivering information that minimizes the generation of conflicts, evaluates the environmental feasibility of projects, identifies eventual impacts and allows compliance with the regulations, being a substantial contribution to the sustainability of the territory.

Our services

Baseline Studies

We carry out studies for the characterization and environmental evaluation of continental terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, incorporating all the biotic components and their interactions (ecosystem relationships)

Ecosystem Modeling

We build conceptual and numerical models of ecosystems to better understand the environments of your operations and predict and evaluate environmental impacts

Design and Implementation of Measures (RCA)

We design actions to address the impacts generated by a project, as well as its development efficiently and under the standards requested by the SMA, applying the Mitigation Hierarchy (BBOP, 2013)

Environmental impact assessment

We identify, spatialize and quantify the impacts of projects on biological components and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Biotic Monitoring and Tracking

We evaluate parameters and indicators that allow us to account for the dynamics of terrestrial and aquatic components, in a traceable and integrative way, both with historical information and baseline studies.

Management Plans

We generate local management instruments to articulate measures for the conservation of biodiversity at the local level in areas of high environmental value.

Environmental Release

We carry out evaluations of the biotic environment prior to the execution of any exploration or prospecting activity for extractive activities to avoid and mitigate possible effects on terrestrial ecosystems.

Biodiversity Strategies

We articulate and integrate different actions in biodiversity in a strategy that allows its prioritization and adequate planning, in accordance with the most demanding national and international standards (ICMM, IFC, Copper Mark)

Environmental Intelligence Services

We build environmental intelligence systems around your operations to obtain environmental forecasts that enhance your natural risk management. Soon!

Biodiversity Management Systems

We articulate the strategic objectives (of the organizations), monitoring through biodiversity performance indicators and continuous improvement, through reporting systems for decision making.

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